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Buying The Best Inflatable Kayaks Online


These days, buying inflatable kayaks online is as natural as ordering take-out. It’s incredibly easy to buy the inflatable kayak you want online and it will be delivered right to your door within a matter of days or weeks, depending on where it is coming from. But, before you take the leap, there may be some questions regarding inflatable kayaks you need to ask.

Questions to ask Before Buying Inflatable Kayaks Online

Are they durable?

Whether buying inflatable kayaks online or in person, this is always the first question people ask. Durability is vital. You don’t want to be in the middle of the lake and suddenly spring a leak. In general, the quality is quite high and most of today’s inflatable crafts are extremely durable. They are so durable in fact, that many outfitters and rescue teams use inflatable watercraft for hunting trips and rescue missions.

Durable quality made inflatable kayak

Are they slower and more difficult to control and maneuver than rigid models?

Typically, yes. However, it does depend on the model you choose. Generally, the more expensive models can be very fast and easy to control or maneuver. Our reviews will outline both the speed and maneuverability of the top models, definitely something to consider before buying inflatable kayaks online.

But, if what you are after is a day of fun on the water, speed doesn’t matter. And some models have been known to outperform some of the hard-shell kayaks on the market.

Are inflatable kayaks stable?

Yes. Inflatable kayaks are very stable. They have pontoon-like sides that make them nearly impossible to tip over. There are models with a super rigid floor that can actually be used for stand-up paddling. Modern inflatable kayaks are so safe and stable that they are suitable for people of all ages. 

Stable Single Person Inflatable Kayak

What if my kayak gets a leak?

Well-made kayaks from a reputable company are practically unsinkable, even if you get a leak. However, buying inflatable kayaks online over the hard-body kayaks does open you up to the possibility of punctures and leaks.

If you do spring a leak, the chances of sinking are very slim. Most kayaks have three separate air chambers, one for each side and one for the floor. If you should get a leak in one of the air chambers, there are two others full of air that will keep you afloat.

How hard are they to care for?

Inflatable kayaks are extremely easy to care for. After each use, simply hose it down to remove any salt or other debris. Then dry it off completely and store it in a dry place. Once it is totally dry, you can put it back into its bag. Never put a damp kayak in the bag because this can promote the growth of mold and mildew. Keep your inflatable kayak away from extreme heat and cold. Never let your kayak be exposed to direct sunlight.

What materials are used?

The materials used today are tough and durable. A large majority of inflatable kayaks are made with a strong plastic called PVC. PVC is widely used in construction because of its strength. Plasticizers are added to make it more flexible, which is more effective for inflatable products.

PVC can be worn down after repeated exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is important to use a 303-protectant spray to keep the material strong.

Some inflatable kayak manufacturers use Hypalon and Nitrylon. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber that is very resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures as well as ultraviolet light and salt water. It is a lighter, stronger alternative to PVC. It is known to last for a very long time, which also makes it very expensive.

Nitrylon is an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC and Hypalon. It is extremely strong and resistant to punctures and abrasions. Nitrylon material can be quite heavy so it is usually only used in extreme circumstances where wear and tear are most likely.

Read all the details carefully and if in doubt ask the seller many questions. When buying inflatable kayaks online, make very sure you understand exactly what you are buying.

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